Collect by County offers small collections of paper history grouped by U.S. County.  These county Lots typically consist of postal history, postcards, and photographs, but also may include old stock certificates, invoices, letterhead stationery, maps, matchbooks, brochures, and books.

Why Collect By County?

Collect by County is for people who collect paper memorabilia geographically - the town, county or state they live in, grew up in, or vacation in.  Finding material can be a problem.  You can prowl antique shops, estate sales, and attend auctions of such material, but it can take years of searching to build a decent collection.  Internet auctions have made it possible to stay at home and access a wide range of material, but even so it may consume countless hours.

If you're a long-time, experienced collector, there may not be many great finds in the material offered here, but if you're just beginning or already have a small collection, you're likely to find a wealth of enjoyment.  You'll find postmarks from post offices that disappeared years ago, maybe some post card views of places you remember as a child, maybe some correspondence from a family or business you once knew. There is no duplication of material within a county Lot.

What if my county is not listed on this website?

There are approximately 3100 counties in the United States. We can't post Lots from all 3100 counties at once, but we strive to add material as fast as time allows. Also, there are many counties that are sparsely settled and have little in the way of scenic attractions or historic events, so we may not have enough materials to post a Lot for those counties. If you don't find what you are looking for, please let us know what States you are interested in.

Buying and Selling on this website

If you are a seasoned collector, or a thematic collector, there might only be one or two items in a county Lot that is of interest to you. Is it worth it to buy the Lot? Consider this: We will allow anyone who buys a county Lot from this website to re-post the material they don't want for sale on the website. Just take out the items you want to keep, add any items from that county that you might want to sell, decide what price you want for the Lot, and we will post it for sale on the website. The posting is free, but if it sells, there will be a commission charged to cover our expenses.

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